The whole world on a bike

Since 15 years, Genèveroule pursues a dual objective : bike promotion and socio-professional integration. Join us to celebrate the 15 years of Genèveroule and come to our Great Multicultural Bike Parade on Friday 22nd September at 5pm !

From UNO to the Bains des Pâquis
Under the banner of the World Car-Free day, our Great Bicycle Parade will spotlight bicycle, diversity and sustainable development. In partnership with the United Nations Office at Geneva, our parade will be heading off from the Flag Alley of UNO, passing in front of Genèveroule's main station “Montbrillant”, riding along the quayside and ending at the Bains des Pâquis with a festive and colourful aperitif.

Register to participate ! Free registration, open to all
A way to celebrate Geneva’s multicultural wealth and bicycle as a universal mean of soft mobility!

And you, how do you say « bicycle » ?
Bicicletta, bicycle, ቢስክሌት, велосипед, 自行车, …
With more than 40 nationalities represented by its 250 employees, Genèveroule has already 40 ways of saying « bicycle ». Together, let’s complete this list and decline the word « bicycle » in every language of the world !

Pimp your bike ! Multicultural Bicycle
Decorate your bike and turn it into a « Multicultural Bicycle » for the Great Multicultural Bike Parade !

17h – Gathering at the Place des Nations (bicycle lending and cloakroom for the bags)*
17h45 – Words of welcome and speech of Mrs. Aziyadé Poltier, representative of the UNOG
18h – Departure of the parade
19h – Festive and colourful aperitif at the Bains des Pâquis, speeches of the Mayor of the City of Geneva Rémy Pagani, the Administrative adviser Sandrine Salerno, the National adviser Lisa Mazzone and the State councillor Luc Barthassat

**For safety reasons, backpacks and purses are not allowed within the United Nations compound. We invite the participants to come without bag or to leave it in our cloakroom at the Place des Nations. The bags will be returned upon arrival at the entrance of the Bains des Pâquis.