Community oriented program

One of the activities of Genèveroule is the professional reinsertion program which promotes values like solidarity, conviviality based on the idea of a social economy. In order to run our association and give our team the best chances to reintegrate a stable working environment, we have created different functions, which solicit our staff to a specific know-how and let them acquire new skills.

The program is divided in three areas:

Commercial approach :

  1. Customer Service
  2. IT administration
  3. Cash transaction / Cash point control

"Two-wheeler" mechanic :

  1. Check and inspection of the bikes
  2. Maintenance and reparation

Working environment and culture

  1. Working standard
  2. Team work
  3. Awareness to green mobility and public health
  4. Raising awareness about sustainable development and protection of the environment
  5. Intercultural and social relations

Professional practice

It is acquired in areas like Customer Service and Management of the rental shop, Secretarial and IT work in the Administration Department and Mechanic in the Bike Repair Department.
We offer to each of our employees a peronal coaching program in order for them to realize their assigments and goals.

Targeted public

The unemployed people, received within the framework of the "Programme emploi-formation" (PEF) or of a training course "Première Expérience" (PPE), or within the framework of the program "Emploi de Solidarité" when they get to the end of their unemployment rights.

The persons on public welfare, received within the framework of a "Contrat d'aide sociale individualisé" (CASI).

The persons receiving the RMCAS aid (revenu minimum cantonal d'aide sociale), who can exercise an activity of social utility or vocational training within the framework of a consideration contract concluded with the Hospice Général.

Asylum seekers with the status "in procedure" (N permit) or beneficiary of a "provisional admission" (F permit), can participate to the completion of our goals. Genèveroule is a privileged working environment for professional reinsertion for those who can't have a direct access to the Swiss employment market because of language problems, status ambiguity, social environment and rupture with a social background.