FAQ Donkey Republic

What is the Donkey Republic pricing in Geneva ?

1h : free
2h : 2.- CHF
4h : 4.- CHF
6h : 6.- CHF
12h : 8.- CHF
1 day : 10.- CHF
2 days : 30.- CHF
3 days : 40.- CHF
Per additionnal day : 20.- CHF

How do I pay ?

You need to enter your credit/debit card with you inscription. You can use Donkey Republic all over Europe now !

How do I find a bike to borrow ?

Get the app’ and find the nearest location. You can see the bike’s availability on each location. You can also select any location and book from one to five bikes.

I don’t have a smartphone or creditcard or both. How can I get a bike ?

You can rent a bike of your choice in one of our two shops and choose how long you will keep it. You can rent a bike from one to several days, weeks or months.

Is a cash deposit required with Donkey Republic ?

At the beginning of your rental, Donkey Republic authorises your payment card with funds that will suffice for up to a 24-hour rental (CHF12). Once your rental ends, the authorization will disappear and you will only be charged for your actual rental period.

Please note that depending on how your bank communicates, the money reservation for 24hr ahead can appear as a charge on your account. If you cancelled your rental or if you didn’t exceed the first hour of free-rental, you are not being charged and the reserved amount will be released. It can take some time, and it depends on your bank. If you don't see any changes on your account after 15 days, please contact your bank to release the reservation.

Are Donkey’s Republic bikes available in any Genèveroule’s location ?

All our locations are equiped with Donkey Republic’s bikes from 3rd June 2019 for the summertime. In wintertime, we have 7 locations avaible with Donkey Republic bikes and from the 15th December, our bikes are also available at the following Leman Express stations : Cornavin, Lancy Pont-Rouge, Lancy Bachet, Champel, Eaux-Vives and Chêne-Bourg. If you have a question or a special need, don’t hesitate to contact one of our three shops.

Do I need an internet connexion to rent a bike ?

A connexion is necessary to start and end a rental.

While you’re riding, you will only need the phone’s bluetooth function to open or close your bike’s lock.

Can I borrow several bikes with my reservation ?

You can borrow up to 5 bikes at once! Just make sure to select the correct number of bikes right at the beginning of your booking process. If you have an ongoing rental, it is not possible to add another bike to your rental.

How to return my bike after my ride ?

Donkey Republic service requests the rider to bring back the bike to one of our drop off locations. Please bring the rental bike back to one of the drop-off locations - they are shown in the app with a black pin on the map. Press the option « return » on the bike card, then select « end rental » and « proceed ».

The amount invoiced is wrong. How can I have a refund ?

Taking contact with Donkey Republic Support service is the faster solution. They’ll take care of your problem.

Support [at] donkeyrepublic [dot] com (Sunday – Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday - Saturday 9am to 7 pm)

Hotline : +41 31 539 18 90

I can see several bikes at the location but only two are available on the app. Why ?

Once the bike is booked, it doesn’t appear as available on the app. Bikes waiting for their owner are physically there but not available on the app.