Flexible bike lending

Borrow a bike 24h/24

From now on, you can borrow a Genèveroule bike any time ! Open and close the lock with an application and benefit from a free bike during 1 hour.

How does it work ?

Borrow a bike in a few clicks

Get the app Donkey Republic to borrow a bike in one of the locations of Genèveroule.


Unlock your bike

Find your bike at the pick-up location and unlock with the app.

Ride and keep the bike

Lock and unlock your bike as much as you like.

Return the bike

Return the rental bike to an available drop-off location, lock it and end your lending with the app.



10 locations are equipped with connected bikes in wintertime. From the 15th December 2019, our bikes are also available in the following Léman Express stations : Lancy Pont-Rouge, Lancy Bachet, Champel, Eaux-Vives and Chêne-Bourg. You can see directly in the application the number of bikes available in each location.

You prefer to rent a bike ?

Discover our wide range of bicycles (electric bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, child's bikes) and book online.

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