The Genèveroule and caddie service associations join forces
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The Genèveroule and caddie service associations join forces

16-Jun-2022 | Press Releases, Uncategorized

Geneva, 16 June 2022

From 1st July, the caddie service association will be integrated into the Genèveroule association as part of a merger by absorption. This was unanimously decided by the members of both associations at a joint extraordinary general meeting on 15 June 2022. This merger will make it possible to develop the promising sector of activity of bicycle deliveries and personal assistance while pursuing the common mission of socio-professional integration.

The aim of this merger is to ensure the continuity of services and the best possible conditions for their development. Genèveroule is a natural partner for caddie service as it already manages the technical maintenance of caddie service’s fleet of electric bikes and the two associations share the same premises at the Espace Tourbillon since the beginning of the year. For the customers and users of caddie service, as well as for the shops and partner communities, the operation of the activities will continue under the same name.

Caddie service : 15 years of commitment
Since its creation in 2007, the association caddie service has created social jobs, which now number 30. At present, the association has partnerships with about twenty shops and companies and ten municipalities. New services have emerged, in particular home delivery of meals and a simplified shopping service for people who cannot do their own shopping, but who do not necessarily use the internet. Not to mention the collection service for dry sorting and small electronics for recycling. The current structure of caddie service and the lack of resources do not allow the adaptation of the services to the evolution of the market, the mutualisation of the services with Genèveroule will make it possible to better meet the future needs.

Genèveroule expands its services
Like caddie service, Genèveroule is a social player whose aim is to contribute to socio-professional integration through services related to the rental, repair and management of company bicycle fleets. For Yann Grand, director of Genèveroule, « the integration of caddie service within the association is a continuation of the approach of collaboration, synergies and innovation between several social enterprises at Espace Tourbillon. It makes it possible to meet new needs and to pool expertise and know-how in the field of delivery and personal assistance ».

Meeting the objectives of the climate plan
The Energy Master Plan 2020-2030, the Freight and Urban Logistics Action Plan 2019-2023 and the Cantonal Climate Plan 2030, among others, stress the importance of promoting sustainable logistics for deliveries and the development of “alternative and low-emission mobility”. The integration of caddie service into Genèveroule is part of this logic. The development of bicycle deliveries will play a key role in the implementation of the Climate Plan’s objective of a 40% reduction in motorised travel.

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