Jobs and internships


Genèveroule is an integration and training programme for social welfare recipients, unemployed people and asylum seekers. The association works in close collaboration with the Hospice Général and Genevas authorities. Thanks to Genèveroule, more than 100 participants can integrate a public-benefit programme and receive trainings : customer services, technical skills, notions of the management of a small rental company, notions of health and road safety, the practice of waste sorting and recycling, as well as the specific vocabulary in french and english (and the native language as far as possible).

Over time, this operation has acquired a great sympathy capital and helps to give a welcoming image of our city. Our collaborators can only benefit from this positive predisposition of the population to our activities and possibly note a decrease of prejudices against them.

Regularly available positions at Genèveroule :

  1. Positions in the frame of cantonal programmes (OCE, HG) from 50 to 100% for unemployed persons, asylum seekers, refugees : customer services, management of our shops and containers, maintenance of bicycles
  2. Missions in the frame of the Programme d'expériences professionnelles dans l'économie sociale et solidaire (PPE+)
  3. Internships in dual professional transition, "observation et de découverte", Fondation Intégration pour tous (IPT), pré Haute École de travail social, Transfair, formation (Office cantonal de l'emploi)
  4. Civil service positions at 100% (see the job description (in French))

If you are interested by one of these positions, please send your CV and your motivation letter to the following address :

17 place Montbrillant
1201 Genève
Phone : +41 (0) 22 740 14 15
rh [at] geneveroule [dot] ch