Genèveroule : nearly 20 years of commitment

Founded in 2002, Genèveroule is a non-profit public-benefit association with a dual objective : promote cycling and socio-occupational integration.

Our goals

  • Promote the use of the bicycle in all its forms
  • Offer socio-professional integration jobs
  • Offer support for job seekers
  • Promote sustainable transport alternatives, health and ecotourism.

Our vision

  • Bike as an easy, nice and inexpensive means of transport
  • Development of soft mobility as an alternative to motorized transports
  • Improvement of the quality of transportation
  • Commitment to promote integration or reintegration of persons excluded from the job market

Our values

  • Environmental compliance
  • Economic efficiency
  • Friendliness
  • Social commitment
  • Integration



Our services



Our services are carried out successfully by 120 employees in socioprofessional integration, representing more than 50 different nationalities. With a concrete and gratifying professional experience, our employees can regain confidence, get trainings and get closer to the job market. Genèveroule works with asylum seekers, refugees, social welfare recipients, young job seekers and unemployed people reaching the end of their entitlements.

Genèveroule participes actively each year to differents events like the Salon du vélo, Bike to Work or the Samedis du Vélo.

In order to work in good harmony with the bicycle shops, Genèveroule respects a charter and works in partnership with several bicycle shops in Geneva, where it buys the totality of its bikes.