Training Programme

In the frame of its field of activities, the association Genèveroule offers a training and support programme for sustainable socio-occupational integration. This programme is based on the promotion of solidarity and conviviality values and on the idea of a social economy.

The training programme includes the following areas :

Languages :

  1. French courses
  2. English courses

Commercial approach :

  1. Customer service
  2. Computerised management of the bicycle fleet
  3. Cash desk management

« Two wheels » mechanics

  1. Verification and control of the bicycles
  2. Maintenance and reparation

Logistics :

  1. Deliveries and transportation
  2. Storage management
  3. Rebalancing of the bicycles in the different locations

Workplace culture :

  1. Working standards
  2. Team work
  3. Awareness to soft mobiliy and public health
  4. Awareness to sustainable development and environmental protection
  5. Intercultural relations and social interactions

The professional practice

At the reception and in the management of a bike lending/renting site, in the administrative, logistics and computing sections as well as in the mechanical workshop with the coaching of experienced mechanic-trainers. A personalized support is also provided to each employee in the accomplishment of its tasks, according to its needs.