Bicycle parking

18 bicycle parkings at your service

The Fondation des Parkings has developped a new access system to the bicycle parkings (vélostation), « », in partnership with SwissPass.

With the application « » developped by the Fondation des Parkings, the users can from now on use their SwissPass to access to 18 vélostations in Geneva.

The system is simple : the user registers on the application indicating its SwissPass number. He buys the required parking service at the moment he wishes by Visa, Mastercard, Postfinance card, E-finance or Twint, and accesses to the vélostation by passing its Swisspass card before the reader.

At the first use of the application and in order to identify its bicycle, the user takes a sticker at the automatic distributor, scans the QR code with the application or enters manually the 5 letters of identification and sticks the sticker on the bicycle. If the sticker gets damaged or illegible, it is sufficient to stick another one and to introduce the new code.

The system permits and great flexibility in the offered parking services : day, week, year. A yearly multiparkings subscription is also offered, which enables the access to all the "velocity" parkings administered by the Fondation in Geneva, except the vélostation CFF Cornavin.

The current subscriptions continue to work with their belonging card and sticker.


  1 day 1 week 1 month 1 year Yearly multiparking

Vélostations excluding Léman Express stations

Purchase via

2.- 7.- 20.- 150.-* 200.-**
Vélostations Léman Express***

Purchase via
1.- 3.- 10.- 75.- 200.-
Simple lockers

Purchase via
Non available Non available 15.- 100.- ---
Locker with electrical plug

Purchase via
Non available Non available 20.- 150.- ---

*CHF 120.- at Uni Dufour and Hôtel des Finances

**Includes all the actual and future vélostations, except the vélostation CFF Cornavin.

***Lancy Point-Rouge, Lancy Bachet, Gare des Eaux-Vives, Gare de Chêne-Bourg

General information

Access card and check sticker

The velostation is only accessible to the users with a valid access or subscription. The access can be bought via the platform The bikes must be equiped with a valid check sticker (delivered by a distributor inside the vélostation). The sticker must be imperatively sticked behind the seat tube in a visible manner. The access is valid from the moment of the purchase. The access can be bought in advance. For technical reasons, the date of purchase, the start and the end of the validity do not appear on the sticker but are anytime visible on the platform

How the get to the velostation

The velostation works in an automatic way. There is no staff onsite. The members must show their smartphone at the terminal at the entrance of the vélostation in order to unlock the electric latch of the door. The cylists are asked to get off their bike to enter in the vélostation. 

Parking of bikes

The bikes can be parked on a free bike rack. There is no reserved parking. It is forbidden to leave a bike out of the racks. The bikes must be locked.

How to get out of the velostation

The exit is done directly without presentation of the smartphone. For security reasons, it is forbidden to run the bike inside the velostation. The bikes have to be pushed and the users have to move on foot.


Lockers can be rented out to the subscribers, the lockers are not included in the price of the rent. Some compartments are equiped with electric plugs allowing to recharge an accumulator. Please contact the Genèveroule team for the purchase or any question about the lockers.


For security reasons, it is recommended not to let any person come in when the doors are open and to notify any undesirable presence via intercom or by phoning the emergency numbers mentioned below.

In case of breakdown

For any technical problem or in case of dysfunction of the access, call via intercom or by phoning the emergency numbers mentioned below.

Who runs the velostation ?

The velostation Montbrillant, property of the City of Geneva, and the velostation Cornavin, property of the CFF, are run by the Fondation of parkings in partnership with the association Genèveroule, the bikes inpound (association ARV), the association Péclôt 13 and the association PRO VELO Genève.

Customer service and complaints

Please send any complaint by mail or email to the address mentioned below.

Technical emergency and informations

Call via the intercom on the bollard at the entry. Or call 022 731 66 61 (Parking of Cornavin). Or call 022 319 43 90 (Foundation of parkings)


Fondation des parkings

Case postale 1775

1211 Genève 26

admin [at] fondation-parkings [dot] ch


Terms and conditions of the vélostation

The terms and conditions of the new organisation of the velostation are available on the platform. The users also accept the terms and conditions of the Swisspass (