Accueil 9 VéloPartage

Within the cantonal free-bicycle network VéloPartage, Genèveroule is in charge of the maintenance of the cycles and the recharging of the batteries of the electric bikes.

Battery shepherd



Cantonal free-bicycle network

Since August 2020, the VéloPartage, network, operated by Donkey Republic in partnership with Genèveroule, has been offering free-access bicycles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at more than 200 stations in the canton.

With 20 years of experience in the management of a network of loaned and self-service bicycles, the Genèveroule association is very happy to be part of VéloPartage. Such a network is an important lever for encouraging the use of bicycles while creating jobs for socio-professional integration.

Information Covid-19

In the frame of the COVID-19 pandemic, follow the recommandations of Donkey Republic for the use of their bicycle fleet.

The bikes are disinfected regularly on the field.

How it works

Minimum age

Classic bike12 years ; Electric bike 14 years awith a moped licence (category M), or 16 years old.


Download the free application Donkey Republic


Register and enter your payment details (credit card or Paypal account)


Select the desired option :

  • classic bike or
  • electric bike


Go to the VéloPartage station of your choice, based on the interactive map of the application.


Unlock the bike according to the reference given by the application (each bike has a first name).


Enjoy the ride, with the ability to stop, lock and unlock the integrated lock as many times as desired.

Please note that as long as the bike is not returned permanently to a station, the counter is running !


Return the bike to the VéloPartage station of your choice, based on the interactive map in the application.


Payment is debited automatically after each rental, according to the hourly rate indicated.

It is also possible to take out a subscription directly on the application.

All rates are directly in the app, IOS or Android.

I ride with respect!